The Legend of Korra “A Breathe of Fresh Air”, “Rebirth”, & “The Earth Queen” Hat Trick Review

Guys I am so happy to be back! I have been itching to review something for a long time. Now that Korra is back on the air I can do just that. This is my first triple review so I am super pumped! Let me start by saying that these episodes were down right amazing. The animation has improved even more and the pacing is great. These episodes flowed so fluidly that my roommate didn’t even realize that the second one had begun airing. The story picks up right a few weeks after Vaatu’s defeat. Korra has allowed the spirit portals to remain open causing spirit vines to take over most of republic city. The public does not like this and Korra is steady trying to find a viable solution. Also as an effect of Korra leaving the portals open random citizens around the world have become Airbenders. The first one shown is Tenzin’s older brother Bumi. I have to say that this is a great twist that should make for an interesting season. Hopefully we find out why these citizens are gaining Airbending abilities as I thought you could only gain that ability from a lion-turtle. The overall plot seems to be focused on gathering the new Airbenders so that they can train them and rebuild and refill the air temples. So far they are failing miserably. The interesting side stories that these episodes provided include Mako and Bolin finding out they have family in Ba Sing Se, the Earth Queen forcefully kidnapping new Airbenders to build an army, Korra and Asami bonding over their failed relationships with Mako, and a new enemy named Zaheer who aims to take out both the White Lotus and the Avatar with his newly acquired Airbending abilities. The latter is the most interesting of all as he was being held by the White Lotus for his criminal past. What he did or who he is remains a mystery for now. Strangely enough he already has mastery over his Airbending abilities and knowledge of Airbender history and mythology. The team he is building looks quite formidable. My favorite is the arm less Waterbender  Ming-Hua. She’s not really armless as she uses her bending to create whip like arms in their stead. He also has an Earthbender named Ghazan who is proficient in magma bending and a Firebender named P’Li who uses combustion. They were all named by Zuko as deadly assassins who could defeat any bender on their own. Together they may be unstoppable. Also, yes Lord Zuko is back and riding a Dragon. Along with Zuko; the twins Desna and Eska are back and seem to be the chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe. This is also strange as I’m sure their mother should be the one in charge.  I give “A Breathe of Fresh Air”, “Rebirth”, and “The Earth Queen” a Superb 5/5! An evil Airbender is just what this series needed to take it to the next level!

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