The Legend of Korra “Darkness Falls” and “Light in the Dark” Double Review

Now here was some excitement that I was waiting for. The finale for this season held no punches and took us where we didn’t want to go. Watching Raava get ripped from Korra’s body was breathtaking as I did not know it was possible. I thought once Connected permanently meant just that. The fan service aspect of the episode indeed came from the Aang siblings finding General Zhao in the Fog of Lost Souls. It was funny watching him mistake Tenzin for Aang and trying to take him out. Nonetheless there was a sweet moment here as the siblings were separated and we learned each of their deepest fears. Cannibals Bumi, really? Tenzin finally accepted that he will never be like his father and the fog lets him, his siblings, and his daughter go. After this you feel like the day is about to be saved, but that was far from the case. After Raava was ripped from Korra she was destroyed, thus ending the Avatar Cycle and severing Korra’s connection with her past lives. Seeing the sadness in her eyes when she thought she was the last Avatar was so emotional. I felt the weight of her feelings and for a moment I thought this was a dark turn for the show. She and the gang go to the Tree of Time where Tenzin tells her of it’s significance. On a side note I would like to know who these ancients are as they clearly existed before Wan’s time. Maybe the next show should deal with them? Now what came next was very cartoonish indeed, but I was okay with it. A fight between two giant spirits was silly, but since young kids still watch this show I guess they have to appease them too. Watching Eska and Desna join our heroes is something I have been waiting for all season. Their uniform bending was so cool and I can’t wait to see them again next season. The ending was also bitter sweet for me. Watching Korra defeat Unalaq with the move that he taught her was great, it was delicious irony. Yet when Korra left the spirit portals open I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. Clearly humans and spirits should not live together. we saw that this doesn’t work as with in Avatar Wan’s time. I by doing this she might as well had let Unalaq complete his plan. Oh well I feel like the next season will deal with the ramifications of Korra’s decision. I hope there is some super ancient evil in the spirit world that has been waiting to escape and Korra has given it the chance. More questions that arise are; if the Spirit World is full of human spirits too? Will Korra ever get reunited with her past lives? Will Asami ever get the happiness she wants? Who’s the new king of the Northern Water Tribe?  Only time will tell I suppose. I give “Darkness Falls” and “Light in the Dark” a Good 4.75/5! They should have President Obama voice a character next season since the title of Book Three is “Change”! #ObamaAvatar

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