‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Review

Going past a trilogy is a big risk in the film industry. The characters get stale and worn out and its hard to come up with new plot lines that will continue to entice viewers. While Transformers: Age of Extinction is not the best movie ever it is still a decent action-packed movie. It gives you everything you want from a Transformers movie which is robots destroying other robots. This movie does a good job in continuing the franchise and keeping us somewhat interested. Mark Wahlberg plays the new lead, Cade Yeager. He’s an inventor who happens to buy an out of commission Optimus Prime. This, like every film before, leads him on an outlandish adventure where he, in the end, helps save the day. While Wahlberg is quite comical in his role I do wish he was a little funnier. I understand this film is trying to take a darker tone, but I did miss Shia Labeouf’s goofiness. Nicola Peltz plays Cade’s daughter Tessa. She is mainly in the movie for eye candy in between explosions. While she is a very good looking actress she does not measure up to neither Megan Fox or Rose Huntington-Whiteley. Megan had legs, Rose had lips, and all Nicola has is tears. Hopefully, she does a little better in the sequel. Back to the movie; the darker tone was a good idea. Even though the other films had the same amount of massive destruction I never felt like the good guys could lose. Even though they were always totally outnumbered. This one was dark and even personal as a couple of the main characters are killed off early in the film. Speaking of killing people off, this film’s villain was phenomenal! Lockdown is the best out of all four of the movies. He was far scarier and more serious than Megatron, The Fallen, and Sentinel Prime put together. He was ruthless in his hunt for Optimus, killing anyone in his path. Also, his vehicle mode was the stylishly sexy Lamborghini Aventador. It’s going to be hard for them to top him in the forthcoming 5th movie. Yes, Megatron is now back as Galvatron, but his part in this movie was smaller than it was in the first film. The film does well trying to reinvigorate the franchise by changing the cast of characters, adding the Dinobots, and even showing off a new form of transformation. I thought the latter was cool at first but felt overwhelmed by the massive transforming army in the end. Also, I would have liked for the Dinobots to have been used in more of the film and for an explanation for the prehistoric alternate forms. Love it or hate it Transformers is clearly here to stay. I give Transformers: Age of Extinction a Decent 7.5/10. More Dinobots could have easily landed this movie an 8/10!

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