The Legend of Korra “Harmonic Convergence” Review


Oh behold, Vaatu is free from his imprisonment. I believe we all saw this coming from a mile away. “Harmonic Convergence” was an episode full of battle and excitement. Their raid on the South Pole was exciting and I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting them to fail. Yet they did and it was up to one of my favorite characters to save the day. Bumi was great in every way and watching him luckily save everybody was fun to watch. It was nice seeing the day be saved by someone who couldn’t bend. That’s what I thought was great about season one. There were non-benders who could fight on par with benders. We need more of that next season, just so we know that the humans don’t need bending to be powerful. Aside from that I wish the episode had more drama to it. I wish we saw more characters from throughout the season and how they are dealing with the upcoming threat. With Vaatu now free when can only hope that he is captured again this season. Although I personally would love if he weren’t defeated until the end of the third season. I give “Harmonic Convergence” a Good 4/5! Bumi is awesome, nuff said!

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