The Legend of Korra “Night of a Thousand Stars” Review

Oh Varrick, how can we not love you. He is an interesting character to say the least, but the way they spun his villainy in this episode was hilarious. As it turns out he was the bad guy, but was he really bad. In the end he was just trying to get the President Raiko to get Republic City to enter the Water Tribe Civil War. His actions still ended up getting him thrown in jail. Nonetheless Mako was freed and was back with Asami or Korra or whatever. He really needs to make up his mind and stop playing these games. Poor Asami can’t take this much longer. Soon she’s just gonna leave the group. The best part of the episode was the ending fight between Unalaq and Tonraq. This was good waterbending, something that is very rare in this show. Though still its nothing compared to the first series, it was a good effort. I wish we could get more depth out of Unalaq though. Why does he hate his brother so much? What is driving him to be this way? I sense a Thor-Loki relationship here, but at least we knew why Loki disliked Thor. Hopefully he is fleshed out a little more before the end of the series. I give “Night of a Thousand Stars” a Good 4/5! I wish Zhu Li was the mastermind that I hoped for.

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