The Legend of Korra “A New Spiritual Age” Review

In the wake of Korra being average we get a fine new episode in the form of “A New Spiritual Age”. I have to say that I loved this episode personally and enjoyed it’s ties to the original series. This episode has Korra and Jinora wandering around the spirit world looking for the portals so that they can keep them closed. The spirit world looked beautiful and full of life. I never remember it looking that way when Aang went to visit. The highlight of this episode for me was having Korra revert to her younger self. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her in the first episode and wish we had more flashbacks to her training as a child. I will believe everyone will agree in saying that it was awesome seeing Iroh again. He has found a home with the spirits and is enjoying his time. It would be nice to see what other people we can meet in the spirit world as I believe it is also the afterlife. I mean aren’t all the previous Avatar’s living there as well? I feel like this place is wondrous and could be the setting for a possible third season. Maybe there could be an evil even older than Vaatu trapped within the spirit world? Only time will tell I suppose. The ending was the perfect way to shift the tone for the next episode. With Jinora being trapped, how will they save her and defeat Unalaq? I’m sure these final few epsiodes will be cram packed with action and explainers for us fans. I give “A New Spiritual Age” a Superb 5/5! Seriously, where are all the other human spirits?

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