The Legend of Korra “The Guide” Review

Sorry it took so long for me to post this loyal readers. I was sick, and then I was tired, and then I just felt like being lazy. Please accept my apology and lets review “The Guide”. This was a very mellow episode for me. It was nice to see Korra back with Tenzin and his family. The bulk of the  episode was about Korra trying to enter the spirit world. Sadly it was very hard for both her and Tenzin. I don’t remember Aang having any trouble at all entering the spirit world when needed. all seemed lost until it was revealed that maybe Tenzin wasn’t meant to be Korra’s guide. In fact it was revealed to be his daughter Jinora. She has a natural connection to spirits and plays with them on a regular basis. Eventually they are able to enter the spirit world which looks beautiful. Hopefully we spend a good amount of time here in future episodes. On a couple of side notes we now know that Unalaq plans to open the northern portal. Also that Eska and Desna are started to see how crazed their father is. Maybe we’ll see them switching sides soon. Also Mako seems to be officially back with Asami. Yet he was arrested soon after for stealing Asami’s products. We all know he was framed, but it’ll be nice to see how this plays out. The questions keep building up and there better be answers. I give “The Guide” an Average 3.5/5. How did Unalaq even find out about Vaatu before anyone else?

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