The Legend of Korra “Peacekeepers” Review

Wow, things just aren’t going Korra’s way. Her father’s in jail for life, her home has been invaded, Mako broke up with her, and now the President of the United Republic of Nations won’t even help her out. While watching this I thought to myself “things can’t get any worse for Korra.” Then she gets eaten by a giant spirit. It was shocking to end an episode like that and I loved it. Showing her get eaten and then going straight to credits was a superb idea. It helps build up the excitement for next week’s episode. I wonder what happens when you get eaten by something that isn’t even material? Oh well, we shall find out soon. Besides that I thought this episode was rather uninteresting. While not every episode can be great, I feel this show should never be average. There was a lot of talking and not enough action. If you’re going to give Mako a subplot it should be more exciting. Watching him play detective was out of place. While he was doing his duty ratting out Korra, it just didn’t seem right to me. Another thing that bothered me is Korra. Is she getting weaker? She has full control over the Avatar state and can control all four elements. She should be destroying anyone in her way. Maybe its her emotions interfering with her skills, hopefully. That ending chase scene with her cousins should have been longer and involved more fighting. People are dying to see what these two can really do. Especially Eska because she is crazy like Azula and the crazy ones are always strong. Lastly I feel like Korra should stop trying to purify these spirits and find someone to teach here how to do it properly. Unalaq can’t be the only person in the world capable of this feat. I mean there is Katara, Kya, and a whole bunch of previous Avatar’s from the Northern and Southern Water Tribe’s that she can call upon and any moment. Maybe one day she’ll wise up and stop using brute force! I give “Peacekeepers” an Average 3/5. Hopefully we get a flashback of Lin Beifong destroying Air Temple Island in a future episode!

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