The Legend of Korra “Civil Wars, Part 2” Review

Well ladies and gentlemen Unalaq is evil. He has had this plan set up for many years and its just now coming to fruition. I guess this is the writer’s plan for each incarnation of the show. Maybe in a future series we will have one of Aang’s airbending descendants as the bad guy. Civil Wars, Part 2 is a good episode that shows us a different side to Korra. She has much love for her family and will do anything so make sure that they are safe. Although we all know she wasn’t going to kill the judge, How great was it to see her threaten him with getting his head bitten off. Finding out the truth about Unalaq was a nice touch to the episode, but very predictable. It invites us to ask the question about what his ultimate plan is. One of my friends says he wants to join the material world with the spirit world! Only time will tell i guess. One of my favorite parts of this episode was Tenzin reconciling with his siblings. That was the major theme of this episode, reconciling with family. This is best for the group as a whole now that they have to return to Tenzin and find a way to the United Forces and let them know about Unalaq’s plan. The only issue that I have with this episode is the whole Wan aspect being ignored. Where is the statue and what does this have to do with the story. This season has starting to get interesting. Also seeing Esna jet out on the water was amazing. The craziness and anger in her expression reminded me of Azula. I can tell that her waterbending skills rival and maybe exceed that of Korra’s. I give “Civil Wars, Part 2” a Good 4.5/5!

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