The Legend of Korra “Civil Wars, Part 1” Review

Is Unalaq evil or not? That’s a question that I’m seriously starting to ponder. I am getting this serious Ozai vibe from him. Hopefully he’s just misguided in his attempt to unite the water tribes. Anyways “Civil Wars, Part 1” was a fun episode to watch. The main story was interesting, but I paid more attention to the secondary story following Tenzin and his siblings.  It was really nice to find out that Aang was not that great of a father. He was too busy being the Avatar to really focus on spending time with his children. Although he did find time to spend with Tenzin, taking him on numerous vacations and teaching him about his heritage. This makes some sense as Tenzin was the only airbender in the world besides himself and he wanted to make sure his legacy was preserved. It’s also funny how Tenzin ignores the fact that he was the favorite. It’s still sad though because Kya and Bumi obviously felt neglected. This fact caused major conflict between them as they got older. Honestly after thinking about it  Aang should have taught all of his children about their airbending heritage. Due to all of his children being mixed, statistics say that his grandkids have a 25 percent chance at being airbenders too.  So if Bumi and Kya have kids there is still a possibility of there being more airbenders in the world.  Which is why I pray that little Rohan is a waterbender. Back to the main story it was nice seeing a more level headed Korra. Seeing her use her airbending skills to subdue the southern kidnappers was amazing.  The surprise on her face when she saw that her father wasn’t involved was priceless. Their family finally seems to be healing. Well their immediate family anyways, because Unalaq doesn’t seem to be too happy with them. Hopefully their family fairs better than Zuko’s did. I give “Civil Wars, Part 1” a Good 4/5! #RohanWaterbender

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