The Legend of Korra “Rebel Spirit” and “The Southern Lights” Double Review

Yes ladies and gentlemen I am back. I took a long, long, long hiatus from reviewing so that I could work and accumulate money. Being an adult is hard and bills don’t pay themselves. With all that being said I am back and I brought an old friend back with me. The Legend of Korra season 2 has officially started and it opened with a bang. It’s been a few months since Korra has learned to use the Avatar state and Amon was defeated. She has been enjoying peace and serenity with her friends. Unbeknown to her the spirit world has become unbalanced and angry spirits have begun to attack innocent people.  This is brought to her attention when she visits her home during the winter solstice. It is here we are introduced to her uncle Unalaq and his children Eska and Desna. The twins are very awkward and very creepy. Still I hope they stick around because I see them being great additions to the group as they learn how to be more social. It already seems as if Eska is in some sort of relationship with Bolin. Through some flashbacks we learn about Korra’s father’s past and why he left the Northern Water Tribe. As it turns out he was banished for destroying a spiritual forest. This greatly upsets Korra as she knew nothing of it. To add even more drama Unalaq wants to start Korra’s spiritual training, stripping her away from Tenzin who wants her to further her air bending. In the end she leaves Tenzin for her uncle leaving him to travel to the air temples with his family. Speaking of Tenzin’s family we finally get to hear more out of Bumi and even Kya. These two are pranksters and pick on Poor Tenzin at every turn.  It’s funny to see them get the cold shaft when they get to the first air temple as the air disciples didn’t even know Aang had any other children besides Tenzin.  It is also here that we see Aang’s Avatar statue finally amongst the others.  It is also where we get our first glimpse of Wan, the very first Avatar. His statue is old, broken, and carved from wood not stone. It started to glow when Korra fixed the southern lights so hopefully this is soon explained. These episodes were a great start to what I see as an amazing season. I can’t wait to see the new characters and locations this season presents.  On a final note, does anyone get the feeling that all the main bad guys on this show will be waterbenders? I mean first Noatak (Amon) and now Unalaq is looking shady. Only time shall tell I guess. I give “Rebel Spirits” and “The Southern Lights” a Good 4.5/5!

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