Young Justice: Invasion “Intervention” Review


So I say we just take our pleas to Nickelodeon because Cartoon Network is clearly full of idiots! It is a travesty that this show isn’t getting its due. Today’s episode “Intervention” was amazing. I don’t know if the creators are doing this on purpose because they knew the show was going to end or it was always going to be this good, but I like it. Scratch that, I love it! This episode shows something we haven’t seen in a long time and that the Team. Not just different members here and there but the whole Team, and they were working in unison. It felt like how the Team was in the first season and I just felt warm inside. Of course there were many things about this episode that caught me off guard, but there were also things that I knew would happen.  Me being the pessimist that I am thought that the Team capturing Blue Beetle was going to go bad. I thought he was going to cripple Batgirl when she was stapled to the tree, thus following one of her darker story arcs from the comics. I also thought that once they saved Blue and Green Beetle from the Reach’s control Impulse would disappear, since they would have fixed the timeline. Since that didn’t happen I guess we can assume that it was actually The Light who cause the apocalypse and not the Reach. Finally we get to see Miss Martian break up with Lagoon Boy and want to get back with Superboy. When she asks about him it turns out that he’s on a date with Wendy. Apparently his date was more important than saving Blue Beetle. Hopefully for the last couple of episodes we can get the entire team to continue to work together. Its refreshing to see an episode with everybody, well almost everybody. Actually having this show move from 30 min to 1 hr. wouldn’t hurt. It could be just like the original episodes of Justice League.  Well we are soon reaching our endgame folks, which actually is the title of the last episode, and its been a fun ride. I was serious about taking this show to Nickelodeon, so readers let’s make it happen. I give “Intervention” a Superb 5/5!

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