Young Justice: Invasion “Summit” Review

Round of applause for Kaldur ladies and gentlemen. He has practically taken down The Light. As Savage said, “he has done more to cripple my plans in death than any human has alive in 50,000 years.” and boy was he right! “Summit” was once again a Superb episode and had me on my toes the entire time. Everything came to a head and the Team let themselves be known to The Light. We once again got everybody to show up to the party. Well except for Rocket and Zatanna, but Rocket is married now and they helped out enough last week. It was nice to see the original members of the Team back together again for one last go around. Kid Flash hasn’t lost a step and did work against the Reach. The big battle sequence did everything for me. We see Kaldur finally confront his father and even tells him that he cares for him, but he will always stand against him as long as he’s evil. Comic lovers get to see Ra’s die, and it was nice to see Black Beetle think that he killed him. We all know he has Lazarus Pits on deck. He’ll be back in no time. Quick side note, everyone sure did catch on to that Black Beetle name quickly? We got to see Nightwing throw down in classic fashion and he did not disappoint. The scene where he gives up his position as leader back to Kaldur was great. Guess he wasn’t born to lead the Team after all.  The Team has taken down half The Light in this episode so everything should be back to normal right? We still have one episode left and the creators have said that they will leave a few strings untied. I mean Impulse is still in the past so the Apocalyptic future is still going down, Vandal Savage and Klarion have made off with the War World, and Black Beetle has taken over the Reach and plans to blow up the Earth! I can not wait to see what happens next week! I’m going to make an event out of it with popcorn and pizza, maybe a fine wine. I give “Summit” a Superb 5/5 because Artemis has faked her death twice now and I’m ok with that!

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