‘Dark Skies’ Review

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I’m here to protest today that we need something new. No longer can we sit here and watch the same old plot over and over. We need a movie that is going to break the mold and reach to the stars, literally. Alien movies seem to be getting staler and staler these days. Lately, they’ve been too mysterious or not mysterious enough, too suspenseful or not suspenseful, not scary or nowhere near scary. Honestly, whenever I go see movies like Dark Skies with my friends we usually end up cracking jokes. Mostly jokes about how dumb white people can be and how aliens never mess with black people. That being said Dark Skies was pretty average. The flick didn’t wow me at all and its plot was pretty basic. First, the opening made it impossible to tell what part of the year it was. You had kids coming home from school, kids at a pool party, and kids playing outside all at the same time. I was seriously confused until they said it was July 4th weekend. Also, I felt that we as an audience needed to see more of the aliens or at least have them explained a little more in detail. J. K. Simmons’ explanation about why they take humans was slightly interesting but fell short. I was hoping for the aliens just to show up and take the family already. I began not to care whether they lived or died. Honestly, I was just happy watching  Keri Russell walk around in her pajamas. We get to the end and of course, we get the classic misdirection angle.  The character that you thought would be taken was not taken. They went with the not happy, but also not sad ending. Since some people are left then the audience should either be happy or feel bad for the family. To my probably very few readers; if you decide to go see this film, go to a matinee or just wait till it’s on Netflix or at Redbox. I give Dark Skies a Normal 6.5/10 because there is no way a walkie-talkie can reach earth from possibly millions of light-years away!

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