Young Justice: Invasion “The Hunt” Review


Getting closer and closer ladies and gentlemen, but it’s becoming obvious that the closer we get to the end the better the episodes are going to get. Today’s episode “The Hunt” was especially good. We finally get to see what happened to Arsenal after his apparent escape from Blue Beetle. He’s been running around the Warworld looking for a way to contact Nightwing or the Justice League. We also find out how the human race is dealing with the aftermath of the Reach revealing their fleet of warships when Mongul arrived. With G. Gordon Godfrey badgering the Reach Ambassador and Slade (Deathstroke) showing up in badass fashion to steal the crystal key of the Warworld; its starting to look more and more like The Light is playing the Reach for fools. The main star of this episode was Arsenal and I have to admit that so far any episode that has him in the spotlight has been great. He single handedly took out many Reach soldiers before help even arrived. He basically was the one who saved the day in the end and how was he treated!? He was kicked off the team for not being a team player. Who cares if he almost killed everyone by opening up an airlock? What would you do if you were kidnapped and put in a cryogenic stasis for eight years. Nightwing was sure acting like his name implies because he was a grade a Dick! I’m happy that he left with the Runaways to start their own team. He would provide the them with the best leadership and strategically training they need to battle the forces of evil. All they need to do now is find Jason Todd (if he’s still alive) and they’ll be complete. Honestly I would be happy if they were the focus of the third season. If we are so lucky to get one. All in all this was a great episode that was fun to watch. If I did a letter grading scale I would give “The Hunt”  an A+ for Arsenal, but since I don’t I can only give it a Superb 5/5!

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