Young Justice: Invasion “Complications” Review

Well boys and girls the road is getting closer and closer to the end. We are approaching the final few episodes of the greatest superhero animated adaptation this world has ever seen. After watching “Complications” my heart is hurt that our beloved show hasn’t been saved. This has been one of the best episodes yet. Honestly there are only two things that I wish went differently in this episode, but I’ll get to that later. “Complications” picks up right after “War” with Nightwing investigating the disappearance of the team. Of course Blue Beetle makes up a lie about what happened, but Nightwing does his own detective work and find out the truth. The face that Dick makes at the end of the episode makes me think that shit is about to get real! We are about to see a side of him that we have never seen before. There is no more Mr. Nice Guy left in him and he’s about to go all out Batman. By that I mean he’s going to be a little more ruthless than he normally is. Also this episode finally gave us back Kaldur. As it turns out he is not secretly evil as I’m sure M’gann would have found that out while she was fixing his shattered mind. They did cut it close as Cheshire and Sportsmaster were there to kill both him and Black Manta. Luckily for them everything worked out and the plan was not messed up. This is where my first problem comes in. While I love it when the good guys prevail, I thought that this was a perfect time for someone for something to go wrong and for someone to really die. Preferably Artemis because it would have torn everyone to shreds. If she had died it could have added a great twist to this already suspenseful season. The second problem comes with my man Slade (Deathstroke). While he was awesome in this episode and we get to see his face I noticed something was a tad different. That difference was his voice ladies and gentlemen. His voice actor was changed from Wentworth Miller to Fred Tatasciore. This changed the character a lot for me. Before Slade (Deathstroke) seemed like he could have been a man in his early to mid thirties, but now he sounds old. Which apparently he is after we see him take his mask off. Hopefully if we can get this show back for a third season we can see the return on  Mr. Miller in the voiceover room. Those two minor things implore me to give “Complications” Good a 4.9/5! Yes I just did that so sue me! Bring back Wentworth Miller!

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