‘Identity Thief’ Review

Melissa McCarthy is on a roll! No wonder she is really hot in Hollywood right now. Identity Thief is another good comedy for her and co-star Jason Bateman. The movie has a pretty straightforward plot and gets to the point quickly. The story follows Sandy, a married man with kids who hates his job, who gets his identity stolen. The job hating part is fixed early in the film as he and a group of co-workers leave to create their own firm, which guarantees him a Vice President position and a $250,000 annual salary. At first, he thinks it isn’t such a big deal as he can have it easily fixed. He soon finds out it is affecting his life on a much bigger scale. He can’t get gas, he gets arrested and may lose his VP position at his new job. He soon cooks up a plan where he will go to Florida and get the person who stole his identity and bring them back to Colorado to be charged. From this point, the film starts to follow a formula. He arrives in Florida, finds the culprit, something goes wrong and they have to find a new way back to Colorado. Some of the situations they get into are funny, but its nothing gut-busting. There is a side plot of McCarthy’s character Diana selling fake credit cards to a powerful drug dealer, but its never fully explored. It makes me wonder why it was even included. T.I. and Genesis Rodriguez play the drug dealer’s muscle who are tracking Diana and Sandy down. They are joined by Robert Patrick who plays a “skip tracer”, something like a bounty hunter,  who is also looking for her. I felt that these three characters had a lot more potential to add to the film. More scenes involving them and adding to the fake credit card subplot would have made this a great movie. With all that said the film sets out and does what it was meant to do. It made me giggle, chuckle, and even at one point laugh (Haha Big Chuck). The funnier moments obviously involved McCarthy, but I found myself smiling whenever Sandy tried to defend that his name was unisex and not feminine. This is why my girlfriend says that when we have kids they cannot have unisex names. I give Identity Thief a Decent 7/10.

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