Young Justice: Invasion “War” Review

Wow, just wow! These last couple of episodes continue to get better and better. There just proving more and more how stupid Cartoon Network is for cancelling this show.  “War” is a great action packed episode that gives us more insight into what is going on with the Justice League’s trial on Rimbor and creates more questions to the story as well. First question is how in the hell did Vandal Savage end up on Rimbor to watch the Justice League’s trial when he was just on Earth with Black Manta? How long is this trial anyways because weeks have gone by on Earth yet on Rimbor it seems as if the trail is still in the beginning stages. Where the hell is Guy Gardner? He didn’t go to Rimbor with the other Green Lanterns so he should be on Earth. If this is the case then he should have known who the Reach were and warned everyone.  And lastly how close in Rimbor to Earth because Mongul got there in no time flat? Hopefully all of our questions will be answered in due time amigos. Speaking of amigos we finally see Blue Beetle turn on the team and incapacitate all but one of them. Who was that one you ask? It was none other than Arsenal who proved that he is the best strategist on the team, maybe even better than Nightwing. He refused to be taken again and saved his life even at the risk of killing his other teammates. When the team infiltrated the War World is was a sight to see. Finally after weeks of watching we get to see every member together. Even if half of them have no lines. We were also treated to a fun fact during Superboy’s fight with Mongul. That fact was that Krypton was not the only planet in the solar system with a red sun. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. With most of the team captured by the Reach hopefully we get to see Lex’s team of runaways show up to save the day. Quick side note, does anyone else think that the Light is playing the Reach for suckers? We can only wait to find out. I give “War” a Superb 5/5! Oh and before I forget, sign this petition if you want to increase Young Justice’s chances of staying on the air! –

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