‘Warm Bodies’ Review

Warm BodiesI went out with my boys the other day to see a zombie movie and wound up watching a love story. Its cool though because we knew it was a love story pretty much before going in. Warm Bodies is basically Romeo & Juliet with zombies. Even the characters names are pretty close. You have the zombie R who is Romeo, his friend M (Marcus) who is Mercutio, the beauty Julie who is Juliet, her boyfriend Perry who is Paris, and her friend Nora, who aspires to be a nurse, is The Nurse. The two main characters meet when R and his group of zombies go out looking for humans to eat. At the same time, Julie is out with a group of teens looking for medical supplies. R’s group attack them and all but three two teens are killed. R eats Perry’s brains and from his memories, he falls in love with Julie. He takes her back to his home at the airport and keeps her safe.  The more they hang out he becomes the more human he becomes. He begins to form words and have dreams. Their friendship, which puzzles the other zombies, starts to affect them and change them as well. This does not bode well with the bonies, skeletal-like zombies that are way more vicious than the regular ones. It is stated that eventually, all zombies become like the bonies. Soon R and Julie must warn everybody that the zombies can become human again and that there’s no need to kill them all. I found this movie pretty entertaining. While it’s not the funniest thing I’ve seen in theaters it still has its moments. Nicholas Hoult does a great job playing the zombie R. Although he is dead he feels very alive throughout the film. His inner monologue was interesting to hear and let us viewers know that these zombies were different from other movie zombies. It seems that these zombies can still think logically, but for some reason their motor skills and speech are crude. I also like that the film has two different kinds of zombies, giving some variation to the genre.  Like with any adaptation this movie is a little different from the book its based on. It would have been nice for the character of Perry to still be partially alive in R’s  like in the book. Almost felt like they could’ve cast anybody and didn’t need to get James Franco’s baby bro. This is a good film for a decent chuckle or a nice afternoon date with your girl. It’s almost the perfect date movie because it has zombies for the guys and a love story for the chicks. I give Warm Bodies a Decent 7.5/10! Oh and just for the sake of this being both a guys and girls movie, I got a poster for each sex.

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