Young Justice: Invasion “Runaways” Review


Please God do not let Young Justice get cancelled! Yeah I had to start out with that because as we all know Cartoon Network does not have the show on their 2013-2014 lineup. Yes I know it’s a bunch of bullpucky! With that being said let’s get to my review of “Runaways”. While not a super action packed episode like some of the others, it did feature one of my favorite DC characters Virgil Hawkins. The episode features the team of runaways being put through tests at Star Labs to help them better control their powers, but all they want to do is go home. So they do what they do best and runaway. Out of the runaways Virgil is the only one who actually likes his powers and wants to keep them. Well maybe Asami does too, but since she can only speak Japanese I couldn’t tell you.  Which by the way leads to a lot of the comedy in the episode.  This episode also features two great twists, one we saw coming and another we didn’t. As it turns out Green Beetle is actually a member of the Reach and has programmed Jaime’s scarab to be in control. As it also turns out Lex Luthor apparently does not trust the Reach  and is turning the runaways into his own little team. This means that the Reach apocalypse from Impulse’s time is still very well on its way to happening. Hopefully it turns out that Blue and Green Beetle are part of another Nightwing scheme to infiltrate the Reach. I say this because in the preview for this season we see Green Beetle returning from Rimbor with the Justice League. In wake of current news I’m going to enjoy every episode like it’s the last! And if it indeed does get cancelled hopefully Nickelodeon can pick it up and pair it with The Legend of Korra! I give “Runaways” a Good 4.5/5!

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