Young Justice: Invasion “True Colors” Review

For weeks I have been asking people “who is this Green Beetle I keep seeing in the Young Justice promos?” and today I finally got my answer! Today’s episode entitled “True Colors” was great. We got a slew of new information of what may happen during the rest of this season. We finally get to see Arsenal again in all his badassness! It really sucks that he looks 15 even though he is 23. He has to hang out with the kids team while his clone is a member of the Justice League. He was still cool though with his smart remarks and angry demeanor. We also get to see another one of my favorite characters from DC, Slade! I don’t like calling him Deathstroke so deal with it! Since the light won’t let Sportsmaster kill either Black Manta or Kaldur he’s going have to do it on his own. It’s funny how his daughter who he thinks is dead is going to end up working with his replacement. Another interesting point is that Black Manta has Psimon in charge of putting Kaldur’s mind back together. Soon he will know every bit of what is in his distorted mind. Does this mean that he’ll find out that Kaldur is actually a double agent? What will he do if he finds out? It’s questions like these that make me unable to wait until the next episode! Also we finally get to find out who Green Beetle is. He’s a Martian archaeologist who stumbled across a Reach scarab during one of his excavations. Not prepared for Martian physiology, he was able to control the scarab instead of the scarab controlling him. He also reveals that the Reach sent a scarab to every planet with primitive life letting us assume that there are an abundance of Beetle’s throughout the galaxy. Like I said there was a lot of information. The title “True Colors” could either come from the Reach showing their true colors by controlling the human population through their new fruit drink, the possibility of Kaldur’s true allegiance being discovered, Sportsmaster revealing his true intentions on avenging his daughter, or the many colors these Beetles tend to come in. I give “True Colors” a Good 4/5!

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