‘Mama’ Review

Normally they don’t make good horror films in Hollywood anymore. The last good one I saw was Orphan and that was back during my Sophomore year of college. I gave that film a 9/10 and have been waiting for another good horror film to come out of the woodworks. I knew this would come in Mama from the first time I saw the trailer. It tells the story of two little girls, Victoria and Lilly, who are alone in a cabin after their parents’ murders. There are taken care of by a ghostly figure that they only refer to as Mama. During the opening credits, we see a makeshift story of how the girls survived for five years drawn in crayon on the cabin walls. While mostly eating cherries provided by Mama, they also killed and ate raccoons…raw. They are soon found by some men their uncle has hired to search for them. He has blown all of his money searching for them and is relieved to find out they are alive. The animalistic and malnourished girls are placed under the care of a psychiatrist until they are allowed to go be with their uncle. The older sister Victoria returns to normal quickly due to her being older during their abandonment, but Lily retains most of her animalistic ways due to being pretty much a toddler during that time. Soon it is found out that Mama has followed the girls to their new home as she believes that they are her children. While not as scary as some of the females in the theater thought (seriously there was a scream within the first six minutes) it was big on the creep factor. The Mama character was by far the creepiest thing I have ever seen on film. The way she moved and sounded just made my stomach turn. While the CGI on her could have been a lot better I am willing to look past that. I really enjoyed the characters of Victoria and Lily. Young and older Victoria played by Morgan McGarry and Megan Charpentier. Young and old Lily played by Isabelle Nélisse and  Maya and Sierra Dawe. While Victoria was happy to be with a family and out of the woods Lily was happy that Mama followed them. This made Victoria cute and sweet on film while Lily was just plain creepy. Still, you can’t really blame her for her life in the woods was all she knew. All of the films shocks and creep-outs culminate in an ending that is far different from any I’ve ever seen.  I won’t say whether its happy or sad, but it is something you won’t expect. I give Mama a Decent 8.5/10!

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