Young Justice: Invasion “The Fix” Review

Man these new episodes just keep getting better and better! This week’s episode entitled “The Fix” was one of the most suspenseful episodes I have seen thus far. With Psimon attempting to fix Kaldur’s mind I was wondering how Artemis was going to stay undercover. I was not expecting her to drug him or for him to find out her secret identity. Still with him being in a coma for weeks it buys her some time to figure out what to do. Personally I think that Psimon believes that she is undercover for Sportsmaster. This is because he hadn’t entered Kaldur’s mind yet and noted that the drug she used was invented by her father. Now onto my favorite part of this episode, Slade! Most fans out there know him as Deathstroke, but I’m one of the few who prefer the name Slade. Who was being voiced by one of my favorite television actors, Wentworth Miller, star of Prison Break. I think the voice fits perfectly as Slade is oh so badass when we see him. He personally dispatches Lagoon Boy even though the latter is an Atlantean who can use magic. The scene where he was talking to him after he broke Lagoon Boy’s leg led me to believe he was about to cut it off. I wish he had done it because it would have taken things to another level. We also get a little side story with the Green and Blue Beetle’s. B’arzz says that he could telepathically make Jaime’s scarab submit to him, but it is a dangerous life threatening procedure. This seems to work much to the surprise of Impulse and Jaime. Also finally we get to see Kaldur’s mind, which takes the form of a destroyed Atlantis thanks to Miss Martian. Also it seems to be guarded by Tula, Kaldur’s only love. While the fix will apparently take weeks I’m foretelling a plot twist that reveals Kaldur was indeed a triple agent just as Wally expects. Lastly just a note, does anyone else suspect that the Reach’s plan is very similar to the Leviathan’s plan in season 7 of Supernatural? Just think about it and let me know. This episode adds so much to this season that you have no idea how its going to end. I give “The Fix” a Superb 5/5!

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  1. The Reach’s plan was based on the original Blue Beetle (2006-2009) comic book several years ago. If anything, Supernatural’s is similar to the Reach.

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