‘Skyfall’ Review

Man, who doesn’t love a good James Bond movie? I know I do! The good thing about Skyfall is that it’s a great James Bond movie. It is clearly the best one of the rebooted series and one of the best ones of the entire series. This film is, dare I say it, extraepic™. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. This was one of the best films that I had the pleasure to see this year. Right up there with The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. Daniel Craig has his best performance yet as James Bond. We see him now as an older and experienced Bond who has grown tired of being a field agent. After being mistakenly shot on a mission he thought to be dead, but actually, he uses the time to live a life free of MI6. This is until an unseen foe begins to target M and he must return to active duty. I have to say it was great to see Bond struggle. We’ve never seen a Bond who wasn’t the best he could be. He clearly knows in the film that he is not the same man he used to be, he has lost something that made him the cold-blooded killer he was before. I can give nothing but praise to Craig as he was terrific and a treat to watch. Judi Dench was great also in her final appearance as M. The reason behind this is because of her macular degeneration. Still seeing her as the stubborn M was nice. The relationship between her character and Bond was something akin to a mother and son. It was clear how much they cared for each other even though they tried to hide it. The only sad part is that this was the last time we get to see them together on film. In possibly one of his best performances yet we get our creepy and insanely smart Bond villain Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem. His performance was nothing short of stunning. His character was just the villain Bond needed to make this movie great. He was a former agent of MI6 and knew all about M and what happened to Bond. He was also left to die on a mission, but through a miracle, he survived. His course for revenge was expertly planned and very well executed. The film also has other characters making their first appearances in this new series including Ms. Moneypenny, Q, and Gareth Mallory who becomes the new M. they are played by Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes respectively. Each of their performances was on par with the great acting this film upheld. The film also has awe-inspiring locations that look beautiful on the silver screen. The is also the first film to talk about Bond’s past and we even learn his parent’s names. This was the perfect Bond film and was enjoyable from opening to close. With its great acting, superior locations, amazing story, and funny tidbits to older Bond films I give Skyfall an Excellent 10/10!

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