‘Argo’ Review

Argo Fuck Yourself!” This is probably the most memorable line from the film Argo. This film, which was directed by Ben Affleck, is about the Canadian Caper that saw to the rescue of six American diplomats from Tehran, Iran in 1980. The basis of the operation was to create a fake Canadian movie that was aiming to shoot in Iran so that they could free the Americans who were in hiding. This operation was a success and the film clearly details all who were involved, how dangerous it was, and how horrible it could have turned out. This film had great actors and they all played their roles very well. This is one of Ben Affleck’s better roles and he did a really good job directing. As a big Bryan Cranston fan, I also enjoyed seeing him on film as well. For a film about a C.I.A. operation, it was very low key and realistic. You would think a film like this would be filled with explosions and fight scenes, but it wasn’t. This film was driven by character and situation. Even though I knew how the film would end I was on edge. Wondering if the diplomats would make it or not kept me watching. That’s how you know this was a good film because even though you know what is going to happen you are still very interested in how it happens. The film also has a great wardrobe. The actors in the film look exactly like their real-world counterparts. The side by side pictures they show in the credits look like copies of each other. This film was a great watch and I recommend any serious film critic to give it a look. I can see this film winning the Academy Award for Best Costume Design and maybe a couple of other awards during awards season. This was a good film, with a great wardrobe, and great acting. It was fun to watch and interesting as well. I love to see films where I can learn things that I didn’t know before. I give Argo an Excellent 9/10!

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