‘Rise of the Guardians’ Review

Even though I’m 22 years old I still like to enjoy films meant for those who are 8 years old. I enjoy watching the animated films of Pixar and Dreamworks. They help me remember my childhood innocence. That being said I loved the latest Rise of the Guardians, Dreamworks’ latest release. This film tells the story of Jack Frost and his journey to understand who he is and how he came to be. Eventually, he crosses paths with the likes of Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny among others. They are told by The Man in the Moon to stop Pitch Black, the Boogeyman, from taking over. This film was rather enjoyable and cute. It has terrific voice actors and a decent story. Chris Pine does great as Jack and Alec Baldwin is hilarious as North. It was nice to see all of these characters that I believed in when I was a little kid on screen together. I truly enjoyed the re-imagining of Santa Claus as a tough guy with tattoos and The Easter Bunny as an Australian bad boy. That’s what popped about this film, the characters. Even The Sandman who doesn’t say a word was fun to watch. Actually, he was the one who was the strongest fighter. Seeing him in battle was beautiful and creative. The film itself is not without minor inconsistencies. Inconsistencies like how anybody knows who Jack Frost is though no one has ever seen him, or how Santa begins to lose power along with the rest of the guardians even though its nowhere near Christmas time.  All that aside I still enjoyed watching the movie. It looked great and the color palettes were beautiful. The characters were fun to watch and the story made me hunger for more. I feel this world has many more stories to tell. This film should definitely get a secret that explores more of the Guardians’ world and shows other characters from childhood fantasy. Maybe we could see why The Easter Bunny hates The Groundhog so much. If not a sequel then a kids cartoon show like How To Train Your Dragon at least. I give Rise of the Guardians a Decent 7.5/10.

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