‘Here Comes the Boom’ Review

Warrior is a decent film about a high school teacher who decides to raise some money by fighting in UFC. Oh, my bad, I meant Here Comes the Boom is a fine film about a high school teacher who decides to raise money by fighting UFC. You have to admit though that they have very similar plot lines. All you have to do is swap a high school music program for a family, add a brother, and throw in a little more money. The film stars Kevin James, Salma Hayek, and Henry Winkler. I have to admit that Kevin James was the only reason that I wanted to see this movie; well that and the fact that it was free. I find him a normally funny actor and a pleasing presence on film. That doesn’t change in this movie as he was the only character I even bothered to notice. The rest of the film’s characters were just white noise to me and didn’t offer much more to the plot. It moved almost at a snail’s pace with very limited comedic moments every now and then. From seeing the trailers I assumed this movie was going to be hilarious. Something along the lines of  I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Maybe that’s what this film needed, a little Adam Sandler for kicks. I had very high hopes for what should have been the funniest film of the fall but instead settled for mediocrity. They had a decent story and good actors. They should have spent more time focusing on the comedy aspect than anything else. After all is said and done, this film does not deliver what it said it would. It was just okay and not worth watching in a theater. This is another film that I would recommend for Netflix or Redbox. With its very misleading trailers and lack of comedy, I give Here Comes the Boom a Normal 6/10.

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