Young Justice: Invasion “Darkest” Review

It is said that things are darkest just before the dawn. Well hopefully that is true because things do not deem to be going so well for the team as of late. In Young Justice: Invasion “Darkest” we see Black Manta give Kaldur a new mission to invade Mount Justice. Apparently cold-blooded murder wasn’t convincing enough for The Light to trust him. I have to say this was an interesting episode to watch. It started out slow, but picked up towards the end.  The episode does a good job at setting up events for what’s to come. We also get to see Artemis in her Tigress persona finally. While its still confusing to me how the bad guys don’t know who she is as Tigress was her mom’s super-villain identity as well. Like every episode this one had a side story as well. This one involved Mal trying to spend time with his girlfriend Karen. You feel for the guy as he apparently only see her during mission briefings. These side stories may be annoying to some people, but I feel they add a lot of meat to the episodes. They let us know how these heroes are in their civilian lives; which is great to see. Back to the setting up of events, we see Kaldur being forced to blow up Mount Justice in the end to show that he wasn’t still soft for his old team. If you would recall we see Impulse standing on the destroyed Mount Justice before getting  in his time machine in “Bloodlines”. Does this mean that the apocalyptic future is still coming to pass? Maybe, but only time will tell. Also we get to see another clip of the captured runaways. The camera pans over a few of them, Tye Longshadow included. I’m thinking that we will see a new group of superhero teens soon heavily modeled after the minority characters added to the old Super Friends Cartoon.  Also the confrontation with Dick and Wally at the end was the perfect cherry topper. It leaves us wondering if Kaldur has really turned evil and is just playing the team? This episode was a teaser of what’s to come. With Kaldur Finally joining The Light, the team dwindling, and Mount Justice gone things can’t get any worse right?  I give “Darkest” a Good 4/5!

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