Young Justice: Invasion “Before the Dawn” Review

With all due respect Cartoon Network is fuckin’ up! They shocked the world Saturday morning by cancelling the DC Nation Cartoon block. Apparently there will be no new episodes until 2013. There have been many petitions started online to fix this and hopefully they pull through. Luckily for us Young Justice: Invasion “Before the Dawn” was released on iTunes and I was able to watch it. This entire episode was basically a rescue mission. Nightwing used the intelligence he received from Kaldur to invade The Light’s partner’s ship and rescue all of the captured teens. We find out that The Light’s partner is an alien group called the Reach who are led by the quickly dubbed Black Beetle. One of the things I liked about this episode was the focus on Jaime and how he came in possession of the Blue Beetle Scarab. We find out that the Scarab is technology belonging to the Reach and they plan to use him to take over the planet. Impulse lets Jaime know that in his future this came to pass and he was the strongest bad guy on the planet and  betrayed the human race. Another interesting thing in this episode was Megan’s reunion with Kaldur. Angry at him for the “death” of Artemis she begins using her powers to rip through his mind only to find out the shocking truth. This leaves her in a state of shock after finding out that she may have left her friend in a vegetative state. We get to see a nice fight between the team and Black Beetle that is pretty much one sided. With his fully functioning Scarab he makes sport of them in little time. They only have a chance when Jaime shows up and manages to hold him off. After which  the team saves the teens and manages to escape. Hopefully we see a handful of new members join the team as the teens were getting their meta-genes experimented on. One of the shows villains Shimmer who was with the teens displayed a heat generating ability before the team escaped. Though this episode was very good it was just barely lacking the pop that would have made it perfect. Hopefully Cartoon Network will pull their heads out of their asses and deliver us more episodes soon. I give “Before the Dawn” a Good 4.5/5!

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