Young Justice: Invasion “Satisfaction” Review

Well after a break that seemed like forever Young Justice is Back! And I have to say just as strong as before. Young Justice: Invasion “Satisfaction” allowed us to reconnect with the real Roy Harper. Having been on ice for eight years and missing his right arm, he was due some serious answers.  When he found out who was responsible he set on a path of vengeance that ended with none other than Lex Luthor. Seeing Roy go on his one man mission to exact his revenge was absolutely breathtaking. We got to see him in action for technically the first time ever, and for a guy who has been asleep for eight years and is missing an arm, he does pretty well! He’s rolling and flipping, throwing bombs, and even making jokes. The scenes with Roy aren’t even what make the episode so great. They are really good scenes, but the episode as a whole is filled with nice little tidbits that comic book fans will enjoy. The biggest one being the hologram of Jason Todd in the Grotto of Fallen Heroes. They never say its him, but all fans of the comic would know this. Also Tim continues to stare at him after the other teen heroes leave. We also learn about Jaime feeling sad that he has no mentor like the other teen heroes do. The episode also does a great job with showing how much time has actually passed for the heroes. We see that Rocket is getting married and Superboy is celebrating his 6th or 22nd birthday. This stuff in between is like the peanut butter and jelly to Roy’s bread. The story ends with him not killing Lex and receiving a nice prosthetic arm. His demeanor is clearly different as he states “Speedy  died eight years ago” taking upon the name Arsenal instead. This show is definitely going places as it continues to amaze me at every turn. I give “Satisfaction” a Superb 5/5!

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