‘Superman vs. The Elite’ Review

Personally, I have to say that DC films suck. By this I mean their live actions films, save for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight franchise, they are not the best. Though not all of their creations are bad, as their DC Universe Animated Original Movies is where they shine. If their live actions films were done with the same care and consideration as these they would be doing a lot better in competition with Marvel. With all that said Superman vs. The Elite is their newest animated feature to be released. It is artistically done more in line with a cartoon than the others with brighter colors and animated body shapes. The film tells of a new group of superheroes dubbing themselves as The Elite, deciding they alone can rid the world of crime. The Elite in the film consists of Manchester Black, Menagerie, The Hat, and Coldcast.  At first, they are not all bad, saving people and even teaming up with Superman (voiced by veteran George Newbern). Though it soon becomes evident that they are willing to go to further extremes to stop villainy, and by this, I mean killing. After the public starts to like their new way of crime fighting over Superman’s old way he does not know what to do. Eventually, when one of their heroic acts involves the mass murder of two opposing government’s leaders Superman decides that they must be stopped by any means necessary.  Take that previous sentence with a grain of salt though readers; remember he is still Superman. The film does a good job of isolating itself as a Superman story while at the same time revealing that he’s not the only hero on earth. This fact is mentioned at least twice throughout the movie. The film also does a good job of showing the time period by having Lois mention her Smartphone apps and Clark mentioning that he tweets his secret source instead of calling him. Also of what type of treatment supervillains get when they are imprisoned; heads up Atomic Skull is used as a battery for the city.  It states the question is Superman “the Superman that the 21st  century needs?” since every criminal he locks up always finds a way to escape and cause more havoc and kill more people. Superman has the power to end it, so why doesn’t he? He states that he is “not above the law” and that there is “good in everyone”, but this film does make you wonder.  Yes, it’s a good film that raises many moral questions, is very interesting throughout, and is a show to watch. In the end this is no Batman: Under the Red Hood, but still pretty good. I give Superman vs. The Elite a Decent 7/10.

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