The Legend of Korra “Turning the Tides” Review


Finally we got to see Tenzin fight. Yes, he showed off some of his skills in “The Aftermath”, but not like this. Creating giant tornadoes and dodging Equalists left and right. He is shown to be a true airbending master just like his father Aang. In “Turning the Tides” Amon has finally reached his endgame. He has begun his attack on Republic City by capturing all of the council members and other benders across the city. He came very close to capturing Tenzin as well, but he was saved by the combined efforts of the new Team Avatar. He also tried to attack Air Temple Island but was thwarted by Lin Beifong and Tenzin’s children. The episode ended with Tenzin and his family escaping and the General Iroh of the of the United Forces on his way to help free the city from Amon’s clutches. This episode was pretty well done with great action sequences throughout. We got to see Tenzin beast with his airbending skills as well as the skills of his three children. Although they are very young they are extremely powerful. Meelo was even shown combining his flatulence with his airbending to create his own unique attack. We saw Mako absorb electricity from one of the Equalist Mecha-Tanks and redirect it back at the machine. A highlight of the episode was that Pema finally gave birth to Tenzin’s fourth child and second son which they named Rohan. I have to say the he looks very similar to a baby Aang albeit with more hair. A very sad moment for me is when Lin loses her bending to Amon so that Tenzin and his family could escape. Seeing all of these important characters lose the bending makes me fear the worst for Korra. Last but not least every fan boy will tell you their favorite part of the episode was hearing Dante Basco’s voice as General Iroh. This character is supposed to be Zuko’s grandson obviously named after his great-uncle General Iroh. Although it was great to hear his voice, it seemed to be a little too young for the character he is playing. Hopefully he will deepen it down for us in his next appearance. I give “Turning the Tides” a Good 4/5.

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