The Legend of Korra “Out of the Past” Review

Finally guys we got to see Aang. For all of us who loved the original Avatar series we have been dying to know when Aang was going to make an appearance in this new series. “Out of the Past” shed more light on what happened to Aang and the gang after the end of the series. As Korra started to meditate on her visions she saw that during the early days of Republic City Aang had to face a terrible enemy named Yakone who could bloodbend at any time. After a brief fight Aang was forced to take his bending away. Korra was able to make the connection  that Yakone was Tarrlok’s father, which is where he inherited his bloodbending ability from. When Tarrlok is later found out he tries to escape and take the Avatar hostage only to be ambushed by Amon and his equalists. While Tarrlok tries to bloodbend his way out of  the situation he finds out that Amon is strangely resistant to the technique. The fight ends with Tarrlok meeting the same fate as his father with his bending being taken away by Amon. The episode did a good job at showing more of Aang and  the beginnings of Republic City. It was kind of close to “The Avatar and the Fire Lord” of the original series. Another good thing about this episode is how it showed more of how powerful Amon really is even as a non-bender. Aang had to be in the Avatar state to break free from blood bending, but Amon did it out of sheer willpower. The only thing that could have made this episode better is if Korra actually got to talk to Aang, though I foresee this happening eventually in future episodes. I give “Out of the Past” a Good 4/5.

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