Will Ben Affleck Be The New Head Of DC Films? New Rumor Says Yes!

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Justice League" - Arrivals

While the DCEU films have made over $3 billion worldwide it has been a rocky road for the shared universe. Four out of their five films have been divisive amongst the critics and the general movie-going audience with only Wonder Woman being universally praised by both. Their film slate continues to change and they seem to have trouble holding down directors. After the disappointing release of Justice League, Warner Bros. announced that a shakeup of DC Films would occur with Jon Berg leaving his position as the studio’s co-president of production and co-chairman of DC Films to form a WB based production company with Roy Lee, the producer of The Lego Movie and It. A new division head is expected to be selected with Geoff Johns stepping into more of an advisory role. While this should be taken with a major grain of salt, a new rumor suggests that the new division head has already been found and it’s one fans should be excited about.


Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are said to be currently negotiating to renew their film contracts in January of 2018. If all the negotiation goes through then according to the contract information Ben Affleck will not only become the new head of DC Films but he will also direct the Untitled Justice League Sequel. Henry Cavill will star as Superman in approximately three of the upcoming DC films and have cameo appearances in two. Hopefully at least one of these films is the long-awaited sequel to Man of Steel. This would be a great step forward for the DCEU as Ben Affleck is a great director and huge comic book fan. He could right the ship so to speak and get the studio and directors under one unified vision just as Kevin Feige has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rumor does not mention if Ben Affleck will star in Matt Reeves’ new The Batman trilogy or Flashpoint. Hopefully, the rumor turns out to be true and the contract negotiations go through. Surely, we will find out soon enough.

The next film in the DCEU, Aquaman, is set to be released December 21, 2018.


Are you excited about the future of DC Films? Do you want Ben Affleck to direct the Justice League Sequel? Leave your comments below!


  1. Please, let it be real. I don’t like Ben Affleck as a person, but as a professional, as an actor and director, he is great. And Henry is the best Superman actor in years, he deserves to shine more.

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