Six New Worlds That Should Appear In ‘Kingdom Hearts III’

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Gamers everywhere are excited to see Sora’s new journey unfold next year on the PS4 and Xbox One, but what new worlds will he visit? The worlds in Kingdom Hearts are one of the best parts of the game. Gamers are always excited to see how the new areas will be introduced and what the story and gameplay will be like. Will they follow the same plot as the films or will they create a new adventure using the existing world as a backdrop? Whatever the case, Disney has a very large library of films and television series that would make great new worlds in the upcoming game. Below are several films I have deemed worthy of a spot in the upcoming installment.

(Beware as there are mild spoilers for the Disney films below)

6. Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland was not a Disney blockbuster even with the likes of George Clooney in front of the camera. However, the film was rich with potential as a Kingdom Hearts world. The city of Tomorrowland would be a great addition to Square Enix’s new game. Since we do not see much of this city in its prime, the game developers can make up any story they wish with Tomorrowland as the backdrop. In the film, it was rundown and deserted, with no one having been there in years. Heartless and Nobodies taking over would make a good amount of sense for why this is. Also, advanced robot heartless would be cool to fight.

5. Moana


Moana was a smash hit with children and adults. While watching the film I noticed that the plot was very similar to a Kingdom Hearts game. The main character, Moana, had to traverse the Pacific Ocean with Maui to return the heart of Te Fiti to bring life back to Motonui and the other Polynesian islands. All you have to do is add Sora and the gang and you have a bonafide world on your hands. Different islands and realms could be different locations in this world. The villains to fight would be the Kakamora — the coconut-armored pirates, Tamatoa — the giant crustacean, and Te Kā, who is basically Te Fiti’s heartless.

4. Wreck-It-Ralph


Wreck-It-Ralph is such a great Disney film. The way the film uses video game characters is simply amazing. This is why it would be the perfect addition to Kingdom Hearts III. There would be some issues with licensing with regards to which characters could actually show up in the game. However, it wouldn’t hurt much as the film is loaded with enough original characters to fill that void. The worlds of Fix-It Felix, Jr., Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty should be the main locations with Game Central Station as the starting point. Of course, King Candy/Turbo would be the main boss of the stage, but Cy-Bug and candy themed heartless could be involved as well. It would even be a nice time to break the fourth wall if Sora and the gang arrived out of a gate that said “Kingdom Hearts” as their homeworld game. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 hits theaters on November 21, 2018, so the game could capitalize off of the film’s imminent success.

3. The Incredibles



We have all been waiting for The Incredibles 2 for a long time. Pixar should have fast-tracked this sequel as The Incredibles was a beloved film by all. Imagine Sora and the gang simply wearing domino masks and picking out superhero names. That’s the only disguise they would need and they would fit right in in this world. All of Sora’s magical abilities would be taken as superpowers by the Parr family. Locations could be Syndrome’s island base and Metroville, with the Omnidroid being the level’s final boss. This world would be all sorts of fun for gamers to play around in. The Incredibles 2 is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 15, 2018, in IMAX. Therefore this is another franchise that Kingdom Hearts III could capitalize off of.

2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an underrated Disney film. Such a beautiful and entertaining film should have already been featured in a Kingdom Hearts game. This world is rich with history that can easily be retconned into past Kingdom Hearts games. With the knowledge that the inhabitants of this world would have, it could make sense that they know what the Keyblade is. Maybe the Atlantis’ sinking had something to do with the Keyblade War? The city and the caves would make great levels to play through. Facing the Leviathan would be a fun boss battle to have with Sora and the gang. This is another world where the story can be tailored to fit the backdrop of Atlantis.

1. Treasure Planet


Treasure Planet is another underrated Disney gem. Also featuring beautiful imagery and distinct locations, this is the best choice for a new Kingdom Hearts world in my opinion. The main character Jim Hawkins is a lot like Sora and would make for a great addition to the in-game party. Heartless and Nobodies can be easily themed off of aliens and cyborgs. The locations of the RLS Legacy, Montressor, Crescentia, and of course Treasure Planet would be great to battle through and take full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4. This is the world I want to appear above all other worlds. Also, I can imagine a fun mini-game involving “Alponian solar cruising.”

Kingdom Hearts III is due to hit the shelves Q4 2018.

What worlds would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III? Leave your thoughts below.

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