Five Gods And Mythological Beings That Should Appear In ‘God Of War’ (2018)


We are all excited to see Kratos’ new journey unfold next year, but who will he be battling? Norse mythology is very expansive and there are many beings Kratos could meet in the upcoming game. Now, considering that the game’s director, Cory Barlog, revealed this would be the start of a new series of God of War games, I will limit this list to characters I think should appear in the first game. As opposed to characters like Odin, Thor, Hel, and Fenrir, who I think should be saved for later installments. And, of course, excluding characters that have already been confirmed such as Jörmungandr.

(Beware as there will be mild spoilers below!)

5. Athena


Athena is the only member of the Greek pantheon on this list. Considering the fact that she has been involved in almost every major God of War game to date, it makes sense for her to make a brief appearance in this new installment. Having seen her character transcend past a god and taking on an astral form in God of War III, this makes the most sense. Since she did not die during that game, I don’t see her letting Kratos off the hook that easily. The opening credits of the new game could show Kratos defeating her once and for all before making his way to Scandinavia.

4. Baldr


Baldr would be a great addition to the God of War franchise. Even though this picture above is the character from the Bayonetta series, it would be great if Sony Santa Monica used this version as inspiration for their character. Being the second son of Odin and Frigg, Baldr is considered just as powerful as Thor in some incarnations. Also, being the Norse god of light, it would be interesting to see the powerhouse make use of lasers and light speed movement to attack Kratos and his son Atreus. Defeating him could grant Kratos light-based magic attacks in his journey.

3. The Norns


The Norns are basically like Norse versions of the Fates from Greek mythology. Therefore I could see them playing the exact same role as the fates in God of War II. Although I would prefer it if only one Norn showed up in the first game. Giving gamers a taste of the power that they possess. Trying to stop Kratos from completing his journey by tormenting him with memories of his past. Possibly showing Atreus what happened to his half-sister Calliope. Defeating a Norn in battle could grant Kratos the ability to manipulate time.

2. Beowulf


A champion among champions. Beowulf is the perfect character to appear in a God of War game as an enemy or ally, but most likely the former. The character was great in the Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf released back in 2007. Sony Santa Monica is used to taking actors and models from pop culture and using them in their games. In God of War II, Perseus was voiced by Harry Hamlin, who portrayed the character in the 1981 fantasy film Clash of the Titans. Also, in God of War III, Hercules was voiced by Kevin Sorbo, who portrayed the character on the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I think using a similar character model and bringing back Ray Winstone to voice the character would be a fantastic idea.

1. Loki


Loki is a very popular character right now thanks to the Marvel Studios Thor franchise. This trickster god would be great as the game’s final villain. Echoing the first God of War game, Kratos could be on a journey with his son to kill #Loki as a favor to another member of the Norse pantheon. During the most recent God of War trailer, a mischievous voice is heard speaking to Kratos, telling him he’s “a long way from home.” This would be a great villain to start the new series off with. Seeing Kratos battle through Loki’s tricks and illusions would be a visual treat on the PS4. This would make up for the lackluster chase/fight with the Greek trickster god Hermes we got in God of War III. It would also be neat if they got Tom Hiddleston to at least voice the character.

God of War is due to hit the shelves in Q1, 2018.

Who would you most like to appear in the new God of War? Leave your thoughts below.

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