‘What Happened to Monday’ Review


What Happened to Monday is a dystopian science fiction thriller film set in 2073. In this future, the world has become overpopulated, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the government via the Child Allocation Act. The older siblings are allowed to live while the younger siblings are forced into cryo-sleep until the population issue has been resolved. The main characters in the film are the Settman septuplets, all portrayed by Noomi Rapace. With their mother, Karen, dying during childbirth, their grandfather, Terrence Settman, concocts a plan for them all to survive. He names each of the girls Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and trains them to act as one person when out of the apartment. They all take on the identity of Karen Settman, with Monday portraying her on Monday, Tuesday portraying her on Tuesday, Wednesday on Wednesday, and etc. Their life is as normal as it can be until Monday goes missing and the sisters try to figure out what happened to her. I have to say that Netflix has been doing a solid job on their Original Movies. The story of this film was very imaginative and fun but it is full of plot holes. The film is similar in form to an episode of Black Mirror in that it makes use of the same somber tone and social commentary. The film’s use of digital effects helps mask the clearly low budget. Noomi Rapace does an excellent job at playing all seven sisters. While inside the apartment the sisters’ choices of hair and clothing style let us know who is who. Rapace also gives each of the sisters a distinct personality that helps separate them even more when seen on screen together. While these personalities traits do not run deep into the characters, it was enough to make a difference for the film. The director does a great job allowing us to get screen time with each sister individually so that we can understand how each one feels about a world where they can’t truly be themselves. Willem Dafoe was well cast as the sisters’ grandfather, Terrence, but we don’t see much of him in the film. We are led to assume he was a very powerful and influential person, but this is never fully explored. While I praise the film for giving us time with each of the girls, it doesn’t give us much backstory into the characters. I would have liked more time with the girls when they were younger so that we could see more of their relationship with their grandfather. Also, more insight into how his character was able to keep the girls birth a secret would have been nice. We’re forced to accept it as the story progresses, but the question of “how” thumped around in my head for the rest of the film. I give What Happened to Monday a Decent 7.8/10. Again, the Netflix Original Movies continue to impress me, as they continually get better. With a little bigger budget and better writing, this film could have been excellent. Hopefully, this trend will continue as more of their films are released.

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