Rick and Morty “Rest and Ricklaxation” Review

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 8.03.32 PMWe have another episode in the books that gives us more information about the conflicting psyche of Rick. “Rest and Ricklaxation” did a great job letting the viewers learn more about what Rick thought of himself in an obscure way. In this episode, Rick and Morty decide to take a vacation to an intergalactic day spa after a very troubling mission. While there, they have the toxins sucked out of their bodies, leaving them relaxed and less cynical. Things change when the toxic versions of themselves escape the day spa and try to take back their lives. This gave viewers insight on the Rick and Morty dynamic and shows how they balance each other out. Without his toxins, Rick is a good guy who wants to do the right thing and he sees that his actions have consequences. We see how much he loves his grandson, even though he does not show it in an overly abundant way. He is willing do anything to fix his mistakes, even if it means sacrificing himself. Without his toxins, Morty is confident, talkative, selfish, and a bit of an asshole. He doesn’t care about his grandfather or what happens to the other people in his life. He was willing to let his toxic version die because he thinks those parts of his psyche are unnecessary. Also, we see that Morty is highly intelligent, which contrasts past episodes in which viewers are told he has a learning disability. This leads us to believe that his insecurities are the only thing holding him back. The artistic choices taken in this episode are subtle, but make the episode better when noticed. A prime example is the color changes of Rick and Morty without their toxins. The animators made their colors less muted and their expressions more upbeat. Other noticeable inclusions in the episode are exactly how many precautions Rick has hidden throughout the Smith household. We basically saw that if anyone managed to deal a lethal blow to Rick that he had ways to preserve his life. The funniest of these was in a scene that mirrored the birth of a xenomorph from the Alien franchise. We have seen Rick use technology before to prevent his death, but never in such close quarters. I give “Rest and Ricklaxation” a Good 4.6/5. I was hoping this episode would give viewers another world ending apocalypse as seen in “Rick Potion #9”, but maybe they are saving that for another time.

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