The Legend of Korra “The Sting” Review

Man you can’t trust a Waterbender to save your life! Literally they may just try to kill you instead. It would be a nice turn if Varrick was a bad guy, but it would be even nicer if Zhu Li was the mastermind behind the attacks. She could be making the decisions Varrick is too nice to make. “The Sting” was a nice departure from the normal episode mechanics. There was pretty much no Avatar and the episode focused on the secondary characters. There were some interesting plot elements unveiled in this episode. The most intriguing one was that Unalaq was clearly in the spirit world. He came out of the portal like it was nothing. I thought only the Avatar had the power to transverse between the realms? Hopefully they delve more into this in later episodes. The Mako playing detective felt a little better this week. Maybe because the entire episode was him trying to catch who is behind the attacks. I enjoyed seeing him back with Asami and trying to avoid questions about Korra. My favorite part was when Asami kissed him and he was in shock. Clearly he still has feelings for Korra, but will that change now that he knows Asami clearly still has feelings for him? Also speaking of feelings, Bolin needs to keep his in control. I like the idea of having a stupid character, but he can’t be that stupid. He should know that Ginger is just acting and isn’t in love with him. Another thing I liked about this  episode was the chase scene. It was exciting to watch and looked great, yet just like the chase between Korra and her cousins it was over to quickly. There should have been a lot more fire and ice and waves. The bending in this show is getting weaker and weaker. The battles in The Last Airbender were pretty much always epic if I remember correctly. I wanna see bigger flames from Mako, not just him disbursing explosions or making small jets of fire. Although I have to say that fire dagger he threatened Ping with was pretty cool. He should make more weapons out of flame, it could be his thing. I give “The Sting” a Good 4/5. Amnesia is always a good scapegoat to get more story out of nothing lol.

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