‘Superman Unbound’ Review

Let me start out by saying that DC makes really amazing animated movies. Why these storylines aren’t saved for their live-action movies I’ll never know. This time though they kind of let me down. Superman Unbound was very lackluster and disappointing. This does not mean that it was a bad movie. It just means that it didn’t live up to its predecessors. Superman Unbound tells the story of Kara and Brainiac. We see Kara has been on Earth for some time now and is still having trouble adjusting. She is embracing her powers and using them to try and stop all violence in the world. Even going as far as meddling in government affairs in other countries. We also see in this movie that Lois and Clark are dating, albeit secretly. This is mainly because Superman has a fear of people finding out his secret identity and killing the ones he loves. Classic Kent, always the boy scout and never taking initiative. The Lois in this film was pretty good though. She had a spunky attitude that rivaled the version from the Smallville TV series. Volunteering to be a hostage and chewing out Clark whenever she can. The funniest moment throughout the entire movie was when the assumption was made that Clark was homosexual. The man even built up a solid case around it. A good-looking man, whose in very good shape, and doesn’t have a girlfriend? I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned in any other Superman film.  As I said before the main villain is Brainiac and he was barely a villain. Yes, he and Superman fought, but it was barely a fight. I felt like his plan wasn’t even all that sinister. They should have made him eviler and darker. More of a machine and less of a being. Also, we see the Kryptonian city of Kandor was bottled on Brainiac’s ship with thousands of other cities. Yet in the end, Superman only unbottled the one. That’s messed up as the whole planet was pretty barren. Also, it makes Superman and Supergirl not as special because any Kandorian can come to Earth or any planet with a yellow sun and become a god-like being. Well, I guess DC can’t strike gold with all of their animated movies. I do have high hopes for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox though. I give Superman Unbound a Normal 6/10, because either Superman can breathe in space or he can’t…pick one!

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