‘Pain & Gain’ Review

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Rock just makes everything better. Not saying this would have been a bad movie without him. It just wouldn’t have been as good, or funny. Pain & Gain is by far one of the more interesting movies I’ve seen this year. Michael Bay still can still make a good movie without it having ginormous explosions. Based on a true story of bodybuilders who kidnapped a man to get his money, it was a little out there. There are times when watching this film you start to think that there is no way it actually happened, but then a message pops up to remind you that it’s a true story. I’m sure they embellished on some of the details to make it more fun. Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie work well together as a duo, but when you throw Dwayne Johnson in the mix you get a party. Wahlberg plays his typical character and he does it well, but Mackie was pretty funny and stole many scenes. A specific one involves him drinking breast milk in a strip club. Who knew Papa Doc was also a comedian!? In the beginning, you don’t see the main characters as bad guys. Heck, they actually seem pretty normal, just down on their luck. Then as the film goes on you see how crazy they actually are. from watching the trailers I expected Johnson’s character to be just another one of the group. Cool, calm, and collected just like all of his other movie roles. I soon junked that theory as I saw he was a Christian ex-con with a heart of gold. He was the only one in the film who seemed to have a conscience. Even when he was strung out on coke he still seemed like a nice guy. The plot, I will admit is a little out there, and the main characters are not the sharpest tools in the shed. If I can be honest, that’s what kept me watching. I love movies that are crazy and wild. That’s why Crank 2 is one of my favorites. This film is well worth seeing in theaters and perfect for kick-starting your summer movie season right. It’s a little long, a little raunchy, and a little silly. All things considered, I give Pain & Gain a Decent 8/10, because it never hurts to be on Team Jesus!


  1. Like most Bay films, it does run too long for its own good and deflates a bit in the third act, but it kept me entertained for the most part. Good review.

  2. […] I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Rock makes everything better. This hulk of a man has clawed his way to the top of Hollywood’s elite actors. He has a presence in every film that he is a part of even if it’s a small role. And that is why I think he’d make a great Razoul. It may be a small role, but I imagine The Rock would make it feel big. He has good comedic timing. He can be fierce and intimidating. That is why he would be a great choice as the Captain of the Royal Guard. Just mentioning his name while promoting the film guarantees butts in seats. […]

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