‘The Croods’ Review

I still love going to see kids movies even though I’m 22! What I don’t like is going to see them with kids. I just saw The Croods with my friend and her kids and I felt like a dad. It was funny trying to keep these kids still and not crying. Nonetheless, I was still able to enjoy the movie. This movie tickled me and made me think of family. It was a good family movie, but make sure the kids are over 4 before you go. The voice acting was great. I am a big fan of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone. I could see all of them possibly portraying their characters if this were a live action movie. Well all except Cage because he’s rather skinny and  Grug is rather big. Still, they are phenomenal, but I would have to say that my favorite character is Belt. Although his lines are few, his presence in the film was adorable and funny. He even does a bit before the end credits that kids should enjoy. The story was pretty straightforward and there was no true villain. The changing world would be considered the bad guy I guess.  The film boasted beautiful bright colors and amazing looking animals. While they were supposed to be prehistoric, to me they just looked like modern animals fused together. There were animals like turtle-birds, piranha-birds, crocodile-dogs, and land-whales.  Seeing all the colors and grand landscape made me think this would have even been decent in 3D, but since I don’t like 3D I will never know. You’ll have to figure out if its good on your own readers. Even though I’m a child at heart my adult side did notice some inconsistencies. The main one that bugged me was their shoes. There was a scene where Guy (Reynolds) made the Croods some shoes so that they could transverse across the spiky barren seabed. In the next scene, these shoes just disappear off of their feet, only to reappear at the end of the film. I just didn’t understand why they couldn’t wear the shoes throughout the whole film, especially after seeing how much the ladies loved them.  Speaking of the ending, I thought it could have worked so much more if Grug had died, but this is a kids movie so him surviving was a must. I could easily see The Croods getting a sequel within the next few years if it continues to do well at the box office. Hopefully, we can see where their adventures have taken them and meet some more cave people who have made it into tomorrow! I give The Croods a Decent 7.5/10…Dun-Dun-Daaaaaaaah!

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