Young Justice: Invasion “Endgame” Final Review?

It is official ladies and gentlemen, Young Justice is over! What’s also official is that Cartoon Network is now dead to me! I will no longer watch the network anymore. Sure they still have Adventure Time and Regular Show, but I will now be watching them online. Now that we have that out of the way we can get to reviewing this episode, which was great. I actually cried when it ended. It was a mix of angriness and sadness. I wanted more and I didn’t want it to end. Of course the heroes prevail and save the day , but there is a cost. We lost Wally a.k.a. Kid Flash and after he barely appeared this season. Let it be noted that there was no blood and he just disappeared so there is room to bring him back if the show is ever brought back. We also lost Artemis, but that’s because she has now fully adopted the Tigress moniker. Lastly we lost Green Beetle. His scarab was destroyed by Black Beetle. B’arzz is still alive, but I felt bad when he lost his beetle powers. Now he’s just a regular Martian with no extra powers. It is revealed in the end that he is still serving as a hero on Mars so I wonder if his scarab was rebuilt somehow? This show wrapped up as many loose ends as it could, but still left some dangling.  First of all why is Bart still there? Him being stuck in the past pretty much means that they haven’t stopped the apocalyptic future from happening. Why were there only three speedsters running to stop the reach device. Jay Garrick and Superboy are also pretty quick. They could have easily helped with the vortex and possible saved Wally’s life. Newly created strands are the whole Vandal Savage – Darkseid alliance. The fact that they are working together was a perfect setup for a season three. That scene gave me hope that this show might return someday. Even when its forced to wrap things up early the writing for this show is impeccable. Hopefully she will return to us sooner than later, or something just as good. Just don’t waste it on Cartoon Network again DC. I give “Endgame” a Superb 5/5 because it literally was the best animated cartoon based off a comic book to date!

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