Young Justice: Invasion “Cornered” Review

Welcome back my DC Nation fans! I hope all is well after two months of taking the long stroke from Cartoon Network. We finally have a new episode in Young Justice: Invasion “Cornered”! This episode was light on the story and heavy on the action, acting more as a filler. In this episode we see the team members who were staying Mount Justice needing a new home. Thinking the Justice League had an abundance of hideouts for them to stay was normal for Mal to think, but was soon found out to be nothing but a pipe dream. Seriously Dick a warehouse? Why not let them stay in Wayne Manor which is huge or one of  Ollie’s many penthouses! Why even have rich people on the team if they want to be cheap. This episode also found the team under attack by Despero in the Hall of Justice. Who single-handedly took down a good group of our heroes. Luckily he was subdued at the cost of the Hall of Justice. That makes two Justice League hideouts  destroyed  in three episodes. Things are not looking good for the team. Also on a side note we see that Karen is an awful girlfriend. Lately she has not been making time for Mal and even didn’t think it was a good idea for her to come live with her. Why he was even living at Mount Justice I have no clue, but still that was cold. Another thing is that he has finally entered a superhero persona! I was hoping for Herald, but Guardian will do for now. Hopefully later he gains powers from Reach experimentation too. Overall this was a fun episode to watch, but it did not have me on the edge of my seat. Though it was nice hearing Virgil again! I give  “Cornered” an Average 3.5/5.

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