‘This Is 40’ Review

Man, I hope my life is exactly like this when I turn 40, except with five more kids. Yes, I want a clan of cubs so what. Back to the point This Is 40 is a sequel to Knocked Up in a way. It follows the life of Pete and Debbie from the original film and how much crazier it actually is. I have to say this film was way more hilarious than Knocked Up and the better film of the two in my opinion! It was over the top from the get-go and that’s how I like my movies. While this is an adult comedy on the outside at its heart it is a family film. It explores the darker side of the everyday things that suburban families go through. Things like getting your kids to get along, arguments, dating, and debt. This film explores all the crevices of this family’s problems and it turns out, well as I mentioned earlier, hilarious.  Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann play off of each other perfectly. I could tell that they were a couple in the film by how they reacted when one did something and how they spoke to each other and argued. The scene with them in the principal’s office was tremendously funny and very well written. My breakout stars of this film have to be Maude Apatow and  Iris Apatow, who play the sisters Sadie and Charlotte respectively. It’s funny how they are Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s (the director) actual daughters. They have done this and two other movies directed by their father. These two young ladies are funny in their own right and have the making of a great future in film if they so choose. The scene when Sadie finally snaps and yells at her parents is priceless and highly understandable. Only if I had the guts to say that to my own mom. If I did have the guts I wouldn’t be alive to write this review today because black moms don’t play that!  I really hope that we see more movies set in this universe in the near future because I feel it has an infinite amount of possible storylines.  I give This Is 40 a Decent 8.5/10!

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