‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Review

Spider-Man, fatally wounded, swings through New York City. Text at the bottom of the reveals the title, release date, release formats, official site of the film, rating and studio credits.

When I first heard that they were going to reboot the Spider-Man film franchise I was highly upset. I thought it was way too soon for them to do so since Spider-Man 3 had just come out a couple of years ago. Soon after hearing plot details and seeing casting notes I began to embrace the idea. What really got me excited was the fact that is was going to be based more off of the Spider-Man from Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Having said all of that the film still had a tough act to follow. Out of the original trilogy, I thought the one it had to beat was Spider-Man 2 which sadly it did not. Still, The Amazing Spider-Man was a pretty great movie easily blowing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3 out of the water. There is no need to state the plot of this movie as we all know the story. Boy gets bit by spider, gains superpowers, uncle dies, becomes a super hero, and saves the day. They do a good job of changing how it all goes down, but you will have to see for yourself how they do so. People are right by saying the story is an expansion of the first thirty minutes of Spider-Man but is that really a bad thing? I always thought that Spider-Man really rushed Peter’s origin to make way for a fully realized hero. It was better in the Amazing Spider-Man because we see a kid who has these powers and doesn’t fully understand them. Yes, he does become Spider-Man in the movie and does all the things we know and love, but if you pay close enough attention you can see he is still learning.  A great example is his web-slinging. In this movie he is doing exactly that, just swinging on webs. It’s not too fancy and he’s not doing all of the cool tricks yet, save for the closing scene of him web-slinging throughout the city showing that he is getting used to his powers. Another good thing about this movie is that we really get to see Peter’s intelligence. Something that is touched on in the previous trilogy, but never really fleshed out. The acting was pretty good as well. Emma Stone steals the show as Gwen Stacy making me happy that her character was not killed off, at least not yet. Also, Andrew Garfield plays a great Peter and Spider-Man. He is small and scrawny just how Spider-Man should be. The fight scenes in the movie were fantastic, especially the one inside of the high school. The films CGI was on point, displaying a beautiful Lizard and more realistic looking webbing than the original trilogy. While the movie is not better than Spider-Man 2 I feel it’s sequel; which is already being written definitely will be. This is the start of what I think will be a great trilogy that will surpass the previous in every way. I give The Amazing Spider-Man a Decent 8.5/10.


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