‘Ted’ Review

We all had teddy bears when we were little, but none of them could talk. Ted tells the story about a little boy who made a wish for his teddy bear to come to life and become his best friend. Of course, his wish came true and the bear, which he named Ted, became his best friend. Though the story starts off about a boy and his bear, it quickly turns into a story about a man and his best friend. I have to say this movie was a work of pure comical genius at work. Seth MacFarlane does a terrific job in his first directorial debut outside of television. Anyone who loves Family Guy, The Cleveland Show or American Dad will truly enjoy this movie. The film is comedic gold offering up one funny scene after another. This film has so many memorable lines that I lost count. After watching the movie I could not help but to repeat them with my friends enjoying laugh after laugh. The acting was also great including well known names such as Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis (voice of Meg in Family Guy), Seth MacFarlane (various voices in Family Guy), Patrick Stewart (Avery Bullock in American Dad), and many more. Many of the actors are voice actors who have appeared  on Seth’s cartoon hit Family Guy. If you listen to them closely enough you can tell who is who. The film even makes a joke about it when Ted, who is voiced by MacFarlane, says that he doesn’t “sound that much like Peter Griffin”. MacFarlane playing Ted is absolutely great and his chemistry with Wahlberg makes it even better. The way their characters play off each other makes you believe that they have really been together all of their lives. Their story is one that has been told many times in Hollywood, but never with this type of twist. Usually in a story like this only the main character gets to experience the magic, but in Ted everyone knows about the talking bear. This fact actually made him a celebrity briefly in the 80s. Even with all the crude language and brilliant one-liners; what makes this movie is the story about two friends who have been together all their lives and are struggling to grow up and learn to live without each other. I can honestly say that after watching Ted that I don’t think there will be a movie as funny as this one for a long time. With its truly hysterical comedy, great story, good acting, and funny cameos I give Ted an Excellent 9/10!

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