‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Review

I love historical fiction as much as the next guy which is why I saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I love to see what parts of history the writers changed and how they make it somewhat believable for the audience. This film is based off the 2010 book of the same name and tells the story of how Abraham Lincoln, played by Benjamin Walker, our nation’s 16th President led a secret life as a vampire hunter after he witnessed his mother murdered by one.  One night after trying to kill the man who killed his mother he is saved by a man named Henry Sturgess played by Dominic Cooper. Henry tells young Lincoln the truth about the man he was fighting and eventually trains him in the art of vampire hunting. Lincoln eventually travels to Springfield, Illinois where he starts slaying vampires for Sturgess, hoping at a chance to kill the man who killed his mother. It is also here where he meets his future wife Mary Todd and starts his political career. After finding out that not one man could rid the world of vampires and that his mentor was one of the undead as well he decides to hang up his axe in favor of a political career. Figuring this way would be better to fight the growing vampire empire of the south. Eventually, he becomes the President of the United States and is forced to pick up his axe again when he realizes that the vampires are trying to help the South when the Civil War. I have to admit that I thought this movie was pretty neat. It was not as spectacular as I imagined it would be but it was a good summer movie. Benjamin Walker does a fantastic job as Abraham Lincoln. It was nice to see a story that talks about a young Lincoln. Usually, when he is portrayed in a movie it is always his older Presidential self. This will be the only acting accolade I will give out for this movie as everyone else just seems to be there. I have to say the fight scenes in the movie were sub-par. There was overuse of slow motion and close up shots. The movie would have been fine filming them normally so we could get a better look at the action. The movie has obvious changes to Lincoln’s life and even more obvious changes from the book. Some of the story is changed around or fused together to make things move along a little faster and some characters like Edgar Allan Poe are totally excluded. Also, they changed the ending for a more generic one that I believe is not better than the one in the novel. The movie was ok and quite interesting to watch, but it was not standout hit. I give Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a Normal 6/10.

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