‘Brave’ Review

When I was younger I always did have a thing for redheads. Maybe that’s why I went out and saw Brave. This is the newest film by Pixar, creators of such movies as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. It tells the tale of Merida, a Scottish princess who is a free spirit who loves archery. She is a very outgoing character who does not really care for the life of a princess. Her mother Elinor, on the other hand,  makes sure that she is on track to becoming a proper lady. This does not sit well with Merida one bit, so one evening after a fight with her mom he rides off in anger. She comes across an old wood carver who turns out to be a witch and asks for a spell that would change her fate. More specifically a spell that would change her mother. The witch decides to do the spell which creates a delicious looking tart that when eaten would change the mother. She gives the tart to her mother thinking it would make her forget about turning her into a proper lady and making her get married. Instead, she is turned into a bear and they are forced to hide out together until they can figure out a way to break the spell. During this time they start to heal their relationship and listen and learn from each other. The breakout stars of this movie are Merida’s younger triplet brothers Harris, Hubert, and Hamish. Though they have no actual spoken lines in the film at all. They spend the entire movie causing havoc, running around, and stuffing their faces with sweet pastries. Their hijinks make some of the movies slower parts very funny. As with all Pixar films the quality is great. Their animation continues to improve as the years go by.  From the rolling green hills to Merida’s flowing red hair, their attention to detail is fascinating. They do their best to make sure the characters are as realistic as possible. When they inhale or show emotion you can readily tell by their change in facial expressions and tone of voice. The film’s soundtrack was also good. Making use of sounds normally heard in Scottish music even having a Scottish song sung in the movie by Elinor to a young Merida. Overall the movie is pretty good. It’s a story about healing relationships and the importance of family and love. That sounds right up Pixar’s alley to me. I was reminded of my childhood when I watched it and longed to go back to it. This film was a treat for the eyes and the soul. I give Brave a Decent 8/10.

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