Young Justice: Invasion “Depths” Review


For all those who were sad about Kaldur turning to the evil side got a sigh of relief today. Young Justice: Invasion “Depths” shed more light on  his situation. As it turns out he is working deep undercover trying to get closer to the light. The only ones who know of his true allegiance are Nightwing, Artemis, and Wally. I have to say this was a great episode from start to finish. Showing the flash forward revealing Artemis to be dead just made the episode that more exciting to watch. As a viewer I wanted to know what went wrong during the mission. The episode did good with exploring the relationships between certain characters that have yet to be thoroughly  explored. We find out that Superboy has been distant from Miss Martian due to her trying to tamper with his mind. Something that really hurt him and made M’gann feel remorse for her actions.  We see more of Lagoon Boy’s jealous nature as he refuses help from Superboy and disobeys Nightwing’s orders. The best scene we were rewarded with was when Kaldur stabbed Artemis through the stomach letting us viewers know that he really turned on the team. The anger in his eyes and the shock in hers let us know it was real. Also if the episode couldn’t make us even sadder we see Nightwing staring at the picture he took of him and Artemis in “Homefront” reminiscing on how they would “laugh about this someday” . It is then we see Kaldur and find out it was all just a show so that their plan can move forward. This show just continues to amaze me at every turn. In my opinion it is the best DC animated series ever done. It has taken all the good things from past DC animated series and meshed them into a show of  supreme vision and quality. I give “Depths” a Superb  5/5.

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